Dealing with crisis within the church


When you get a chance, read this post and then watch the sermon video linked from it – not to gawk at a tragedy but to see how it was handled and learn from it. I was deeply impacted by Dan Sutherland‘s words and hope you are too…

A few thoughts

  • Purity matters
  • Sin starts small but can consume and destroy
  • We’re all human and all vulnerable
  • God’s way is best and provided for a reason
  • When crisis occurs, it’s best to talk about it directly and authentically – allowing people to react how they need to and allowing time to heal.
  • In an organization, as we’re bringing tough news, it’s also important to begin sharing a vision of hope for the future.

I know things like this hurt. I hope it’s not seen as a convenient object lesson, but it’s also important to see the realities of situations like these. They’re everywhere, and as a church we tend to avoid discussing them. That’s a shame.

I hope the church, and each family, can move forward one step at a time in health.

One response to “Dealing with crisis within the church”

  1. Thanks for linking to this jon.

    You’re right…these issues are important, devestating, and real.

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