Accountability – beyond the list

I love what Steven Furtick has to say about accountability:

What if accountability was focused more on making each other great than making sure we were being good?

We would all agree, and rightfully so, that if you see blatant sin in the life of another Christian, it is your responsibility to call it out.  To challenge it.  To confront it.

But what about when you see blatant potential that is lying dormant in another Christian’s life? When you see underdeveloped greatness in the life of someone you love, isn’t it just as important to call that out too?

To ask each other questions like:

1. Are you consistently cultivating the anointing that God has placed on your life?  Or do you have skills and abilities that are rusting in the toolbox?
2. Are you taking full responsibility to steward every gift God has given you, stretching yourself beyond your prefabricated limitations?
3. Do you have a God sized vision for your life?  One that, every once in a while, makes you sick to your stomach with nervous excitement?  Are you fulfilling it daily?
4. Have you said no to a risk that God recently instructed you to take?
5. Is your life oriented around changing the world or merely surviving it?

I’ve had some great accountability relationships, but I’ve also had times where it felt like a boring meeting where you talk about what you did wrong that week. No progress. No hope. No real change.

I love that these questions focus on the positive side. What’s God calling us to? Are we moving beyond being nice, good people and into living out the life to which God has called us?

2 responses to “Accountability – beyond the list”

  1. how would you answer these questions?

  2. Great. now i won;t be able to sleep.

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