Hope in tragedy

J.R. Woodward, a pastor in LA who spent the last few days at Virginia Tech, wrote a powerful post on hope. It’s long, but it’s worth the time.

When we look around at our world, we can see how much God loves diversity. We don’t look alike, we don’t act alike,we don’t dress alike. We have different tastes in the food we eat, the books we read, and the music we enjoy. We differ in how much we weigh, we differ in our heights and we differ in the color of our skin.

But there is on thing we all have in common: We all know what it means to hurt. We are all familiar with pain. Suffering is a universal language. Tears are the same for Jews, Muslims , Atheist, or Christians; whether you are white, black or brown; they are the same for children, adults or elderly. When life hurts, while we may express our anguish in different ways, each one of us knows the sting of pain and heartache, tragedy and suffering.

And when we are faced with pain, there is one thing that helps us persevere through it…
When we are discouraged, there is one thing that lifts our spirits…
When we are tempted to quit, there is one thing that keeps us going…
When we are overworked and exhausted, there is one thing that gives us fresh energy…
When we are trapped in a tunnel of misery, there is only one thing that points to the light at the end of the tunnel…

And that one thing is HOPE. Hope isn’t merely a nice option that helps us temporarily clear a hurdle. Hope is essential to our survival. We all need hope! It is hope that helps us to pull through tragedies.

Read the rest here.

One response to “Hope in tragedy”

  1. Thanks for sharing that post. Powerful.

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