Influencing change: what could be

Ever notice something that needed to look different in an organization or group? Did you work to change it? How did you go about it?

I’m realizing (again) that it’s much more important to paint a picture of what could be than to focus on the thing that needs to change.

When we see changes that need to happen in a group or a culture, the first instinct is to tackle them one by one. What if, instead, we told the story of a new, exciting possibility?

What if, instead of pushing for small groups to invite new people in, we told stories about groups living life together, inviting others to be a part, meeting consistently, reaching out to the community around them, and seeing lives change because of their work? Instead of seeing a change of course, they’re motivated by a bigger purpose.

We can try to convince people until we’re blue in the face. But I’m going to start talking a lot more about the final goal and helping those who catch the vision take steps toward that reality.

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