Worth reading: Missional churches and conferences galore

+ Scott Hodge is posting some thoughts from Q in Atlanta. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a conference similar to TED but with a Christian emphasis. This is a conference I would have loved to attend – even qualified for a scholarship. But it was still a little out of reach price-wise. Maybe next year. But until then, I’m living it through you, Scott! (Here’s his post on Andy Crouch and Rick Warren’s talks)

UPDATE: Michael Lukaszewski is also posting some notes on the talks at his blog. (Currently Robbie Seay and Rick Warren are posted)

+ I’ve been meaning to link to and summarize an interview with Ryan Bolger on the missional (and emerging) church since it was posted a while ago. But I haven’t gotten to it. Fortunately, Wess Daniels has. So now I’ll just send you to him (or watch the interview here). I love how Ryan can absorb and communicate a movement without feeling like he has to pass judgment on what’s happening one way or another.

+ Tadd Grandstaff has posted some notes from the National New Church Conference in Orlando on his blog. I’ve only briefly skimmed them, but one thing Darrin Patrick said jumped out at me: Don’t have too many ideas. Focus. I could fill a book in a few hours with ideas for what to do in a ministry. Some would even be good! But it’s far better to focus on a few and see progress.

Here are Grandstaff’s notes on session one, session two, Darrin Patrick, and Shawn Lovejoy.

One response to “Worth reading: Missional churches and conferences galore”

  1. There’s a lot here. I forgot this was Q Conference week. I’m still ticked I got accepted but couldn’t go. Next year you and I are going!

    re: FOCUS, Jon, you should check out Simple Church by Eric Geiger – it’s a great book that deals on that topic of simplifying… Outreach Magazine named it top Church Resource of 2007. I’m a huge fan (he’s also my boss, but that’s not why I’m excited…)

    See you at Q 2008. jreed

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