Clean ’em out!

I just eliminated two thirds of the blogs in my RSS reader. My goal is to only track 30 blogs on a regular basis. That may sound like a lot to you (or a few), but I had 90 of ’em in there. I didn’t follow them all regularly, but they were there, begging for my attention. So I just chopped it down to 33. Had to make some tough decisions. It was like parting with a few old friends :). Three more will be cut within the next few days.

Why narrow? Too much information in means you spend time processing and analyzing info you really don’t need. It seems almost antithetical in our ‘connected’ world. But I’m working to absorb less and produce more. Less input. More output.

On the blog side, I want to be able to focus on what I’m reading and interact with their thoughts instead of jumping from post to post, absorbing little and applying less. It’s tough, because I value diversity – hearing from a lot of different voices. But this way, I’ll be able to focus more and avoid the temptation to read instead of do.

Plus, with fewer blogs, there are fewer distractions when the temptation to procrastinate hits, as it always does.

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