Relief from the heat

greter2d2.jpgSo the downside of sunny weather is a bit of heat. And when you don’t have central air (or really any air besides a unit in the living room), that heat can be a little uncomfortable.

So yesterday we welcomed a new member of the family. To the left, you’ll see R2D2 the portable air conditioner, along with his admirer, Grete.




2 responses to “Relief from the heat”

  1. How much did little R2 cost, and does it work?

  2. OK…I did NOT ask how much it cost…I just want to make a note of that, and to add that i think it is a marvelous idea…no more sleeping like your bed is in the middle of the 210…quiet, cool, comfort….I thank God for the person that invented air conditioning…quite literally…I am SO thankful for air-conditioning every blasted HOT Oklahoma summer!

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