Untested ideas

Sometimes I run into a challenge with blogging.

I care deeply about how we as a church and as individuals can spread God’s message and serve the world. I feel called to work within the local church – and it’s something I’m doing right now. But I also feel called to church planting. I’m not there yet, but I’m constantly wrestling with ideas of how it could be done, what’s effective, what isn’t. I want to blog about those things, but have two hesitations.

– I haven’t done it. They’re untested. Credibility comes from action, not ideas. It’s amazing how much ideas change once they jump into the realm of reality.

– It’s all speculative. God calls individuals to a people for a purpose based on who he’s made those individuals to be. In other words, many of the ideas I have – or the types of church I think best reach culture while staying most true to Kingdom values – could completely change once the context for them is set (and once the team of people serving together is set and seeking God’s direction together).

But, it’s a passion. It’s something I think about. It’s something I’m trying to live out. So I’ll write about it. When I do, feel free to call me naive. But even better yet, comment on it. Give your thoughts. I hope to always learn. And sometimes, the best way to learn is to put what you’re thinking into words. Learn to articulate it. Share it. And listen. That’s part of what I hope to do here.

So when these “untested ideas” come by, feel free to ignore them – or challenge them. I’d prefer the last option.

One response to “Untested ideas”

  1. I’d love to hear your take on Multi-Site…. there you really get the best of both worlds (budget resources of a local church but missional, intimate atmosphere of a church plant).

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