A little giddy

I registered for summer classes today, and aside from the event being a major drain on the bank account, I’m excited about the courses. Here’s why:

  • I have high expectations for this class. It’s taught by Alan Hirsch (and … it appears … Eddie Gibbs). I honestly get excited whenever I read anything by these two. I love how Alan mixes theories with practical application. Many people casting a vision for change just have ideas, but Alan is much more grounded in actual situations – in how it’s lived out. The topic is one I get passionate about. I’m looking forward to being stretched and challenged.
  • This class on the ethics of the new testament looks a little intimidating, but it should be exciting as well.
  • I’m taking my first systematic theology class. I just finished up a round of historical theology, where you see how theological thought developed through history, but now it’s time to see how different people and groups view different parts of theology. Some people I know are against much of what seminaries do – they’re too academic and not practical enough. That may be true, but for me, I’m here to ask the theological questions before someone else asks me. It’s a time to study and really understand what I believe. What we believe informs and drives our actions – whether we realize it or not. So while I’m seeking to live out my faith in Christ personally and through my job, I’m also hoping to sharpen and refine my understanding of why we do what we do.
  • Only three weeks of actual class time (plus lots out outside work) will give me more flexibility to spend time on small groups. It’s exciting to see momentum and excitement growing within the church for groups. I’ll probably write about this more later, but the first six months or so on the job, I spent a lot of time developing systems and a foundation for us to work off of. Now it’s time to run! We’re also evaluating how we measure small groups success. It’s easy to say we have more than 600 people in groups. But what does that mean? What we measure becomes what we value – so how can we measure what really matters – beyond numbers of “butts in couches”? 🙂
  • And finally, no Greek! I’m glad I’ve learned the basics of the language, and it’s already helped me understand some of the nuances of some New Testament texts, but after three quarters, I’m ready to move on to greener, more English-like, pastures. My next purchase? Accordance!

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