I got my groove back

paolo070723.jpgOk. Not really. Never really had it. Never really will.

But, I DID get my favorite groovin’ song back.

When my computer crashed a few weeks ago, I lost all of my iTunes music (and half my files). I’ve been working to piece together my collection of music from CDs I’d burned in the past.

I’ll be able to recover most of the music, but there’s one song I feared I’d be without. Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes” was a free download from iTunes a while back. It’s incredibly catchy. Makes me want to dance around in ways I’d never let guests see.

But, through an amazing program found here, I was able to move all of my songs from my iPod back to my computer. It didn’t get all of them, but it got most. And most importantly, I have my New Shoes back.

Life is good.

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