The end is near!

book070725.jpgAt least for one fictitious wizard’s story.

Grete received her copy of the final installment of Harry Potter today (she’s a purist, ordering each book from England so she can read it in its


original language :)), and is eagerly preparing to read it (by reviewing the last book). This is good for the Sampson household, actually. I have a two-week intensive coming up, which means I’ll be doing a lot of reading, too! She’ll be reading about Harry Potter and Voldemort. I’ll be reading about the Moral Vision of the New Testament.

Should make for some interesting dinner conversations!

2 responses to “The end is near!”

  1. Is there really a big difference on the British version?

  2. I was waiting to let Grete answer this one, but my answer is that in some ways, yes. It just depends on who you talk to. 🙂 They have a different illustrator and some words are different. Plus you get the ever-so-wonderful British spellings.

    So really…not so much. But Grete has ’em all from there – she started reading them when she was in Australia in 2001 and kept getting the “authentic” versions as they came out. Now we’ve collected them all!!

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