The end is near!

book070725.jpgAt least for one fictitious wizard’s story.

Grete received her copy of the final installment of Harry Potter today (she’s a purist, ordering each book from England so she can read it in its


original language :)), and is eagerly preparing to read it (by reviewing the last book). This is good for the Sampson household, actually. I have a two-week intensive coming up, which means I’ll be doing a lot of reading, too! She’ll be reading about Harry Potter and Voldemort. I’ll be reading about the Moral Vision of the New Testament.

Should make for some interesting dinner conversations!

The end is near!

2 thoughts on “The end is near!

  1. I was waiting to let Grete answer this one, but my answer is that in some ways, yes. It just depends on who you talk to. 🙂 They have a different illustrator and some words are different. Plus you get the ever-so-wonderful British spellings.

    So really…not so much. But Grete has ’em all from there – she started reading them when she was in Australia in 2001 and kept getting the “authentic” versions as they came out. Now we’ve collected them all!!

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