Be willing to work on things that matter


I’ve heard that Toyota stops their assembly line every time a worker notices an inferior part. Sometimes we see things that need to be fixed in our lives, but we realize how much WORK it’s going to be if we stop and make it right. It’s probably tempting on a bad rushed day for a worker who sees an inferior piece to turn the other way and just get things done. But that doesn’t lead to success, pride or ownership in the final product. When you’re in a group that truly takes pride in what it does and doesn’t take shortcuts, it’s easy to get excited.

There are always perfectionists who will prove the exception to the rule. But for most of us, it’s tempting to let some things slide that we need to instead dive in and make right. Maybe it’s a project at work you’re sliding by on. Maybe it’s a call you need to make to a friend you’ve taken for granted. Maybe it’s an important-but-not-urgent “to do” you’ve been procrastinating on. Sometimes we need to embrace the “more work” and not let those little things slide by.

Where do you need to stop the assembly line?

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