Productivity and the power of small

This interview from Jason Fried of 37 signals has some interesting info in it.

First, he talks about how productivity for his team really means leaving each other alone. They take time to collaborate, but then work alone to get things done. His team is distributed across the United States (and world), and he finds that works better to minimize distractions and up productivity.

Second, he talks about how he expects to stay small. He thinks it’s better. In the internet age a software company doesn’t need the economy of scale to get noticed. He thinks less structure, planning 30-60 days out and staying small is better. “I don’t think you need to be a big company anymore to do big things,” he says. “You can reach a lot more people if you’re a smaller company and know how to get to the right people through non-traditional channels.”

Most importantly, it seems a lot of the success of their company is that they are focused and enjoy what they’re doing. They may expand to products beyond software. They have an overall vision and direction that helps guide them, but it’s also flexible.

The world’s a-changin’. It isn’t just the church world that’s in flux. The old assumptions on what works and what doesn’t are changing everywhere. It’s exciting to see many industries rethinking the outer methods of how things get done.

|ht: Terry Storch|

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