Patience: that tension between doing and waiting

Tonight Grete and I attended Fuller’s Korean welcome event so we could have dinner with some folks from our community. We had a great cross-cultural experience of humming along with Korean worship songs and eating a full Korean meal (I skipped the kimchi, though!).

The pastor who spoke at the event talked about patience, referring to verses in James 5.

There’s definitely a healthy tension in the Christian life between following Jesus and waiting for Jesus. Sometimes we can use waiting as an excuse for disobedience. But sometimes we can also get so busy we aren’t seeking God anymore. It’s no use doing a lot of stuff if it isn’t the right stuff to begin with!

That’s why I love the farming metaphor used in James. Farmers must be patient for the fruit of their work, but they must put in the work for the fruit to grow!

The pastor reminded us to be patient in ministry. Sometimes we’ll be working hard, but we won’t see many results. Be patient. Continue the work, the study, the seeking God. Results will come.

He said young folks right out of seminary care too much about success, fame and book deals. When God calls us to follow him, it’s about moving down in position, not up. That type of success and fruit may come, but it’s not the goal we’re working toward.

Oh, he also mentioned that pretty people have it easy. He was glad he was ugly because it meant he sought God more. Then he joked that this is why ugly people went to seminary …

Maybe that part got lost in translation!

2 responses to “Patience: that tension between doing and waiting”

  1. I think you and Grete are beautiful seminary people, inside and out, and I mean that in a positive, “I think the 2 of you will still seek God, even though you’re pretty” kind of way 🙂

  2. No kimchi? I love that stuff.
    You missed out.

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