Random Blog of the Day: Building Better Restaurants

I’ve been on a blog kick recently – reading blogs from different fields to cross-pollinate my thoughts/experiences. One I found recently is all about the restaurant business. It actually has some great leadership tips – particularly if you lead a team.

A recent post gave 16 cost-effective tips for keeping employees happy. It’s a good read for any manager.

Employees matter. No, really, think about it: Your competitors have access to the exact same resources as you—which means infinite choices exist for your customers, and for your employees as well. According to Joanne G. Sujansky, Ph.D, CSP, if you’re not seeking ways to nurture employees and meet their needs, they will seek greener pastures—and your customers will follow them over the fence.

Here are the first five tips:

1. Don’t misrepresent your culture.
2. Learn the rules of engagement.
3. Cross-pollinate your culture.
4. Be a good corporate citizen.
5. Give praise where praise is due.

So check out Building Better Restaurants. If you own one, it’ll help you out. If not, it may just convince you it’s time to open that corner cafe you always dreamed of…

One response to “Random Blog of the Day: Building Better Restaurants”

  1. good link jon, i know i enjoyed it and appreciate the thoughts here. i read the whole thing.

    i really liked the concepts of cross polinating staff…i like to especially make sure my staff is cross polinated even in who they work with different days of the week (it can make every day seem fresh to work with different people).

    i also liked ideas like the seasonal approach, and the importance of honesty about your business in hiring, etc.

    have i ever told you i love managing people? is that bad?

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