Another lesson from that coffee shop

I normally don’t write the “how church can get better by adopting business practices” posts. A lot of people are already doing that. Plus, I don’t believe it’s always a one-to-one comparison. There are different forces at work in church life (more community focused, outward oriented, God-driven) that don’t always neatly mesh with the consumerist-based end game of most business plans. And that’s fine!

But we can all learn from stories where people rise to the occasion and do what’s best for others. What makes this one even better is that the values were already instilled within the culture.

At Brand Autopsy, John Moore tells the backstory of a Starbucks manager featured in the new book, How Starbucks Saved My Life. He writes:

Tiffany helped to restore Michael’s belief system by being welcoming, considerate, and genuine. It just so happens those people qualities of being welcoming, considerate, and genuine are life skills Starbucks looks for in store-level employees, especially store managers.

On one end, that’s the type of thing churches are all about. At least, we talk about it a lot. But to what extent are those qualities valued in interaction between staff members? Between people within the church?

It’s easy to get bogged down or filled up with programs. It’s good to be busy – if it means actively helping and serving people outside the church. But often we’re so busy with busyness that the basic human values get thrown out the window.

So how are you going to value being welcoming, considerate, and genuine today?

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