Begin with the end in mind – just don’t start there.

Most leaders who are passionate about what they do spend most of their time thinking about the future.

Where are we headed?

Where is God leading us?

What are our challenges?

What needs to change?

But while most people involved in those projects may care about them – even deeply – they just aren’t thinking as deeply about the same subjects. So when it’s time to plan, or set vision, the leader may be two, three, or 82 steps ahead of where the group is in that thought journey.

That’s not bad, but it becomes a problem if the leader starts where he or she is at that moment, the thoughts just won’t connect. The group is in a different place.

When leading, it’s important to take people on a journey. This usually means starting at a place that seems incredibly basic. Instead of standing miles ahead and yelling at them to catch up, we need to go back, tell stories of what’s ahead, and walk with them.

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