Christmas. Already?


Well, sort of. Grete’s side of the family is an on-the-ball bunch. They do a gift exchange each year and are already asking for gift ideas. What you see above isn’t one of them (I WISH I could get one of these for $25!), but it got me thinking about the inevitable “what I want for Christmas” lists.

I really don’t buy much “stuff” now, and when I do, it’s mainly books. (Exciting, right?)

Now I can add to that list “expensive toys.” After doing the journalism thing and having access to great cameras, I miss the chance to be a little creative and take some nice shots. So, you see my next big splurge above.

A couple of days last week I spent WAY too much time looking at cameras online – different price points, values, lenses, reviews, etc. I have a lot left to learn (I just took the pictures and asked the photographers how to work the things when I was an editor/reporter), but I think I’ve settled on a Nikon D80 with the 18-135 kit lens, along with an eventual extra 50mm lens for portraits. Fun stuff!

If I can sell enough stuff we have around the house and get enough gift money, you’ll start seeing some sweet pictures on this here blog.

2 thoughts on “Christmas. Already?

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  2. I use a Nikon D40X at work and it is a really great camera. The aspects of the camera I love the most are the quick shutter speed (no waiting for the picture to finish taking!) & the extreme user-friendliness. I’m sure you will love the D80 too.

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