Multiplication is messy. That’s ok.

5 thoughts on “Multiplication is messy. That’s ok.”

  1. Piper and I have been part of 3 group multiplies. Good and bad things with it. One, we are created for relationship both with God and one another. Some of those relationships are natural and others are not. It stinks when you get garden friends (to quote CS Lewis) and then have to leave them to have people who you don’t connect with naturally (in other words, you wouldn’t chose to hang with them if it weren’t for the fact that they were in your team and you were supposed to). Yet the Kingdom must grow. Randy is really thinking thru this. I think the key is to start new teams with new people. Notice I did NOT say new believers. We are seeing Teams (what we call small groups) emerge like crazy out of our now 6 week comers class.

  2. Great perspective Jordan – looking at multiplication from the perspective of Kingdom growth over “my” preferences. That’s the ideal. Unfortunately, I know not everyone’s as intentional as you are :). So I guess we’re in the process of a NUMBER of culture changes to make those ideas more understood.

    I’ve also seen that new teams with new people works well, and then others become integrated into existing groups through relational ties. The biggest challenge is finding ways to open up the leader pipeline to find leaders for those new groups. If you check back, I’m curious how leaders happen in the newcomers class … are they pre-assigned or do they emerge from the group?

  3. prometaphase…that one’s hardly covered in general biology (just the other day I was helping someone remember the IPMAT phases for a bio-test).

    I can’t wait to see what you guys are trying. The things I’ve been a part of that work have been unique to the situations at hand, and have worked but needed loving care, direction, and leadership. (and a few bandaids and phone calls)

    I think that’s why small group pastors are important because they need to be active accessores of people’s skills, needs, and help coach them through the process.

  4. Been thinking much more on this. How to mix immature believers with mature believers. Been thinking of AA, Celebrate Recovery, where a person can have been in recovery for 25 years and get something from being a part or a guy can be driving by the meeting on the way to bar (topless club, to gossip, whatever) and pull in 5 seconds after making the decision. The enironment there is unique in that it will be transparent and their are deep relationships. Yet he will be highly welcomed and even appreciated for his taking a step of obedience. How do I get that into Teams-groups? What makes that environment so conducive to that?

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