Filling the pantry with couscous and pasta sauce

Wild Oats, a small grocery chain that was recently bought out by Whole Foods, was having a 50% off the entire store sale today, so Grete and I ventured on over and stocked up on some great “this is healthy and good but normally too expensive for us to buy” food.

It’s a crazy atmosphere over there – people everywhere, piling baskets high with food. It’s easy to get into the environment and start throwing anything you see into your basket. That competitive mindset can kick in, and you find yourself thinking, “Yes! I NEED 12 bottles of peanut oil!” To succeed, you must keep gretepizza0711.jpgreminding yourself “this is not Supermarket Sweep. I do have to pay something for what I’m buying.” Our cashier (an assistant manager) told us that people were buying a thousand dollars worth of food and leaving with it!

We didn’t spend that much, but we did get some great deals, including a whole veggie pizza for lunch for about $7. Good stuff.

The sale goes until tomorrow, so if you live in the area, go see if there’s anything you need, and stock up!

(If you’re reading in a feed reader and want to see a little Supermarket Sweep action, click through for the video.)

2 responses to “Filling the pantry with couscous and pasta sauce”

  1. Looooooooved Supermarket Sweep when I was little. We may have to check out the sale tomorrow!

  2. WOW…that’s crazy. I would have loved to enter 50% off world! I love there food too, but cost is definitly the entry-berrier on much of the products.

    (and supermarket sweep was always a show i wished to be on)

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