Deep thoughts going elsewhere

So posting has been, and will continue to be, nonexistant for a while here. I have a lot I’d like to share but no real time or energy to focus on the web-world. Too much happening in the real world!

Here’s a sampling of what’s happening in Jon’s life:

  • Preaching this Saturday night
  • Conducting interviews and writing for a project on people’s reflections about what role our church has played in their lives
  • Writing two papers on Systematic Theology
  • Writing an Exegetical Methods paper
  • Miscellaneous reading and writing for other classes
  • Planning and leading a leaders’ meeting that will kick off our all-group study for small groups in 2008 (exciting stuff!)
  • Helping out with a community event for our apartment complex
  • And, of course, spending time with my amazing wife and other folks

So, yeah, it’s a busy time, but it’s also exciting. I’m looking forward to a time when I can focus on my job and life again …  not the job/job/life/school mix that is life right now. Loving the things I’m learning…I’m just ready to have more time to apply it!

So have a good first of December! I’ll see you some time after Dec. 9 …

3 thoughts on “Deep thoughts going elsewhere

  1. Here is a little encouragement. Keep up the hard work but don’t forgot about your blog. Also, I was looking at your church resources page and wanted to suggest a church worth watching is Epiphany Fellowship. These guys are some of the best modern examples of taking the unchanging word and preaching it in a contextually relevant manner. Every time I see something they are doing I am reminded of the Cambridge Seven and their revolutionary approach of engaging the culture they are trying to reach… anyway, check them out. Once last link, this is a video from an outreach they conducted… Some of the best preaching I’ve ever heard!

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