Reliving the 90s and hearing from Jesus

>> While cleaning and working on things tonight, Grete and I also relived a glorious decade with iTunes Essentials: 90s One-Hit Wonders

>> At church today, saw these crazy things in the Children’s Ministry department.

Don’t know about you, but I never knew Jesus was a 35-year-old buff white guy who quotes himself. There’s also one of Moses and another of David…

2 responses to “Reliving the 90s and hearing from Jesus”

  1. HA! My son got Moses, Jesus, David, and Mary for Christmas from my dad! He likes them… I’m half weirded out, half interested… One day during his room time we had them in his bed with him and was just sitting listening to the stories they tell… I figure him sitting there listening to bible stories and verses has to be a good thing… I will say it does REALLY scary to hear a doll say, “I’m Jesus, God’s son…”

  2. disclaimer: the Children’s Director at church isn’t sure he’ll actually let the kids at church play with these dolls… but he LOVES having them in the office.
    Moses is my favorite 😉

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