Linkage: What worked and what didn’t

I love learning from what others are doing. Here’s a list from Chris Elrod about what worked and didn’t at Compass Point in 2007…

I’m beginning to realize just how different Compass Point is from other churches around Lakeland and the United States. What works everywhere else usually bombs here. 2007 was Compass Point’s third year as a church plant and we did a lot of experimenting…and discovering. When we started the year we were still trying to flesh out who we were…by the time the year ended we knew. The following is a short list of things that didn’t work for us in 2007. It is not to say it wouldn’t work in other churches…it just bombed for Compass Point.

One response to “Linkage: What worked and what didn’t”

  1. Thanks for the “link love”. I love your blog and have it loaded up in my Google Reader. I love your Church Resources page…but my favorite is the quotes you find. Keep up the great work.

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