Things around the internets

Here are a few things I’ve clicked on recently…

  • I love this version of the Myers Briggs personality profile because it just asks you which categories you fit into and then tells you about it. For people with some self awareness, you can get to the results without 596 questions!
  • There are more rich folks than ever. What happens to the kids?
  • I really want to go to CMA’s Organic Church Movements conference. But it’s expensive, so now I have to figure out if I can make it work…
  • Bob Hyatt’s posts about Barna’s new book Pagan Christianity? have been amazing. I love how he’s able to both support and critique the authors’ work. I truly respect how Hyatt’s doing something different and has legitimate critiques of some current church practices, but he’s also willing to stand up against some unBiblical arguments against some of those practices. Just go read them. Post one, post two, post three, post four.
  • I’ve been using Tumblr for another project I’m doing, and I love its simplicity. It’s like a blog, but much more on the “log” side than “blog” side. It doesn’t allow comments or side links (which are important for some projects), but it’s perfect for posting links, quotes, pictures and short thoughts. It’s beauty is its simplicity. Check it out.

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