Flashback Friday: Life starts now

So I’ve been blogging here for more than two years. Sometimes I’ve even written a thing or two worth reading (maybe…possibly?). So instead of repeating myself, each Friday I’m going to pull something from the archives you may have missed. We’re starting with a goodie from December 2006…


File this under the “that’ll preach” file. I love Five For Fighting’s song World, mainly because of one line: “History starts now.”

In my life, a lot have time has felt like it’s just preparing me for that next thing. It’s easy to think that things will start clicking or big things will happen at that “next stage.” Even now, in seminary, it’s easy to think that life and ministry will all start once I’m out. That leads to a temptation to rush through, get it done and move on. But time and again I hear God say, “life starts now.”

What does that mean? It’s not about waiting for that next big thing. This time, right now, matters for relationships, ministry and more. God’s at work. We can be a part – today.

4 responses to “Flashback Friday: Life starts now”

  1. the vid is no longer available and I remember this post. it was a good one. later bud.

  2. Crazy – I just found that version today. Oh well – it’s not necessary anyway. I’ll just remove it…

  3. Jon, you tricked me with the video!

  4. Well, that’s my goal David. That’s my goal…

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