Yeah, we’re famous.

Continuing our “do everything you can in LA while you have the chance” trend, Grete and I again went to the SAG awards as seat fillers. I’m sure Grete will be blogging more about it if you’re interested. For now, here’s a little video from before and after the event…

(We haven’t seen it on TV, but I hear Grete was on camera. She was sitting at the table with the Office folks when they won their award!)

7 responses to “Yeah, we’re famous.”

  1. You guys are so money!

  2. I would’ve gone to seminary with you if I knew it meant getting to do stuff like this.

    You have NO IDEA how jealous I am.

    (coveting and jealousy: not the best seminary attributes I suppose)

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time…We watched and we re-watch the tape to see if we see Grete during the Office win. Do you want us to send you a copy of the show?

  4. post it on the blog! I wanna see!

  5. YOu guys are so cute! I liked that you both had curly hair after the show…I suppose it was the rain.

  6. Up way too late and was reading Grete’s blog linked to the SAG awards. Out of curiosity I watched the video – my sound is awful on this computer so I could only watch. You both looked like friends of mine from the old days at Focus on the Family when we were in Pomona. Then I decided to read some of your blog and saw that you were a “Small Groups guy” and laughed. It is all in the eyes. The love and fire for the Lord.

    God bless you. Hope you are there to be a light at some of these events to some folks who are searching. They will see it in your eyes too and not know what it is. Your life and your heart’s desire to serve will speak more than any sermon ever could. Don’t be afraid to be you!

    Thought I would share two websites that think like you do. (me too! )
    Nice to know there are others out there that are trying to get the VOODOO out of the CHURCH. 🙂 The Fisch Tank is a great daily read. John is wonderful – he has ministered to me and got me THINKING – just as important.

    Also Jon also writes for Purpose Driven Life but speaks so boldly about his imperfections that he makes me proud.

    If you are ever in Fort Collins CO – Check out Faith EV Free church. I’ll buy you dinner! There is such a wonderful small town feel here. A happy place to be for a family raised in Anaheim Hills California. We made the big move last year and glad we did. Take care – Debbie Nance

  7. Jon, did Ron tell you that you also showed up on the camera when Ruby Dee got her award. We could see you almost as well as we could see Grete during the Office win!

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