Do something. Just don’t do everything.

As you can probably guess from my quotes page, I really believe that what we DO gives us much more credibility than what we KNOW or what we SAY. We can hold a lot of beliefs and ideas, but how we live says a lot more about what we truly believe.

I’m beginning to realize, though, there’s something unique about this. In the ministry world, I’ve been in a lot of different circles, and they all value different things. Some folks value great communication – if you can preach a strong, clear message, you’re in. Some are incredibly evangelical. If you’re living a life that’s sharing with people who don’t follow Christ, you’re doing what you should. Others focus on mission – are you regularly serving the poor? The oppressed? The needy?

It’s tough because it leads to a lot of divided focus for people pleasers like yours truly. We should be living all of these things out in some way in our personal lives. But “professionally,” as a minister, I can’t be the champion of every cause. I care about them all deeply. But I guess I’m realizing I won’t be the standout in every field, and that’s ok.

I’ve written about it before, but I really believe that beyond strategy and vision and everything else, following God means listening and following him right here, right now. That typically means starting something small, incomplete, and imperfect and taking steps forward as he leads. Some of the most amazing churches (groups of people) started as a small crowd stumbling their way around and worshipping God together. I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The other thought is this: you/we/I don’t have to be great at every part. God shared something important with me through someone special a few years ago: you don’t have to achieve the goal alone. Whatever we’re doing – especially the spiritual things – isn’t meant to be just about us. Churches should have gifted evangelists, teachers, shepherds, and more. Follow God. Be who you are. Grow.

So here’s the deal. Start something imperfect today. And don’t do it alone. 

One response to “Do something. Just don’t do everything.”

  1. right on. good words.

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