Linkage: Alpha male pastors, commitments, and following Jesus


>> Death of the Alpha Male Pastor || Los talks about something I’ve been mulling over. The one master leader thing just isn’t sustainable in the long term. What do more sustainable models look like? (Someday we’ll talk about that some more here, but until then, I think everything Alan Hirsch talks about gets us headed in the right direction. He has a lot more answers, and much more wisdom/experience than I can ever hope to have …)
Update: Shaun Groves also talks about Los’ post here.

>> Rick Warren talks about growing through commitments on || “We grow by making commitments. Rick said you don’t grow to commitment. You grow through commitment.”

>> Bob Roberts talk about how that book or conference isn’t going to change your life. Doing something will. || “Books and seminars should be reflections of what we are living out and fruit that is remaining–not theories, ideas, or future projections. This is the Jesus way of learning. You learn by digging in the dirt and thinking while you’re out in the hot sun, following Him in bringing reconciliation to the world–not sitting in a cozy room or coffee shop snuggled up with a good “change the church” book.”

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