Rest well

4 thoughts on “Rest well”

  1. To rest well, I enjoy sitting around reading something a professor isn’t asking me to read, going to the beach with my wife or have a nice relaxing dinner with friends.
    But I was intrigued by your post because you got me wondering what some of the things you lik to do to “rest well.” I’m interested just because I’m curious, but also because I feel like I just might learn something here. So what does Jon Sampson do to rest well?

  2. Like Dave, I’m also curious what your “rest well” things are.

    I think that I feel rested and relaxed when I am regularly doing something physical (biking, playing tennis, swimming, surfing) or reading interesting books for fun. I also really enjoy hanging out with people in a group setting where the conversation doesn’t drift towards classes I’m taking. I haven’t really done any of those things lately..hmm…

    Thanks for posting!

  3. You mention ‘mindless putzing online.’ For me I guess that includes reading your blog. Don’t worry. I’m okay with it. I like your blog.

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