That sermon…


A few of you have asked about my first “class” sermon. It went well, thanks. It’s always interesting preaching to a group of 8 seminary students for 15 minutes. (I’m a fan of short sermons – but 15 minutes really is a microwaved message!)

There’s things I thought went well, and there are even more things I’m hoping to improve on. But that’s life. I do, however, really believe the message of it.

I’m sure I’ll regret making an early-in-ministry sermon available someday, but hey, live and learn, right? If you want to watch it, go here.

2 responses to “That sermon…”

  1. Your early-in-ministry sermon is about 1000% better than mine. I’ve still got a VHS of it somewhere – I was 17 and awful. But God is gracious, and 11 years later I am finally feeling like I don’t completely suck.

    By the way, that is a tough crowd to preach for. Preaching to other pastors is just tough, not to mention so small a group. I think it’s easier to preach to 800 than it is to 8. 🙂

  2. Thanks Bill. I agree – preaching to a small crowd felt like I should be leading a discussion rather than talking at them. And most importantly, jokes get more of a laugh with a bigger crowd – even if they’re bad :).

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