A little time for community


dsc_0085.jpgSince we’re Community Coordinators for our apartment complex here at Fuller, Grete and I get to organize community events from time to time. Today, we (ok, mainly Grete) put together an egg dying party and had a great time dying Easter eggs and eating candy with our neighbors.

We were a little worried, because even though it’s been beautiful in Pasadena for the past week, rain was in the forecast. But the weather was perfect, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. To top it off, about an hour after we got everything cleaned up, I stepped out side to see rain pouring from the sky. Talk about good timing …

2 responses to “A little time for community”

  1. Jon, I stole the first pic of the boy with the egg. From time to time, I will snag cool pics that might be helpful in the future. I saw that pic and thought, “Aha! That would look great on a Web site or a flyer advertising an Easter service one day in a future church.”
    So I did the most natural thing: I stole it without asking. Thanks!

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