Pieces of paper can’t tell the whole story


Today’s been an organization day in Sampson world. I’ve spent the morning sorting through piles of papers that have accumulated over the past few months as well as scanning some older files I want to keep around.

One folder I ran across was filled with church plant proposals from different church planters I’ve met with. Looking at the pile of proposals was interesting. Less than half of the churches are around today, and those that are look nothing like those sheets of paper.

I’ve heard many church planters say the end result will never look like that ministry prospectus. That’s not surprising. I guess what surprised me is that it was 100% true. Not often true. Not true most of the time. It was true in every case.

When starting something new in God’s kingdom, it’s important to have a vision and call. But maybe it’s better to start with a page or two of ideas and let God flesh out the book as we move forward following him.

One response to “Pieces of paper can’t tell the whole story”

  1. yeah it’s the truth. Hopefully that means we still listen to God and change as people, disciples, leaders, and pastors.

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