Starbucks – refreshing the “original” third place

6 thoughts on “Starbucks – refreshing the “original” third place”

  1. The “new” logo is not the logo you have pictured. I got my free cup of Pike… and on the cup was an airburshed version of the old logo… let’s just say there were no nippleage…

    Rest easy Grete!

  2. My recent visits to Starbucks have not been enjoyable.

    One time they were out of clean plates for my muffin.

    Then I tried to get a bottle of water… but they were out.

    Allison had a pastry that tasted like it was cooked with bleach. She threw it away after one bite.

    I know these complaints have nothing to do with coffee. Maybe that’s the point. Starbucks may just need to get back to the basics.

  3. it’s good.

    as a coffee-from-starbucks drinker there are certain blends I hate (Gold Coast, particularly, but others like Verona are non-faves) and I’ve long said…they need to have a coffee they always brew…something that you can depend on.

    try the ‘featured blend’ if you want it…but not get stuck with bad options.

    i’ve seen many people go to starbucks and ask for a cup of coffee and want to intercede and tell them which of the brews they’re getting is better.

    especially if they’re brewing nasty/disgusting tarish gold coast.

    (my fave: Sumatra! and Arabian Moca Java, Casa Ciello)

  4. Hi Jon- I enjoy skimming through you and Grete’s blogs from time to time. I smiled at this post because one of my roommates in Connecticut used to work at Starbucks and she would say about the old logo mermaid “She needs a support bra!”

    But your post hits home, literally, because we visited the Pike’s Place Starbucks about two months ago on our first trip to Seattle. It is hard to go ANYWHERE here without seeing a coffee stand.

    And Ryan, my husband’s favorite is Gold Coast. So I bet he would disagree with you!

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