Classes, transitions, and a lot of paint

Things have been pretty sparse here recently, but for good reason. Between finishing up classes, taking some trips and making some big transitions, life has been packed! For those who may not know, I’m transitioning out of my position working with small groups and moving into a job as a residence director at a university in the area. I’m also going to be working with small groups at a church plant in Pasadena. In the midst of it all, I’ll be finishing up seminary with one class each quarter over the next year. I’m really looking forward to a slower pace on the schoolwork (might be able to absorb a little more), a more relational job, and working with a church plant.

Transitions are exciting, but they always bring stress as well. We’ve loved the relationships we’ve developed at our church over the past two years. We want to stay connected, but as we transition out, we also know things naturally change. And new people and new friendships are exciting, but they’re also new.

So we’re really excited about this next phase of life. We’re moving into a cool new place, and I’m looking forward to starting my job next week. The church plant is scheduled to launch in September. A lot’s on the horizon!

For a peak into what we’ve been up to this weekend, here are two of the rooms we painted in our new place. We’re taking a little time to spruce things up before we move in on Saturday. First, you’ll see the kitchen, where we painted the cabinets (with permission, of course!). To do it right, we took time to clean, sand, prime and then paint those suckers. It took ALL DAY. But you get to see it in about 45 seconds. Then you’ll see a bedroom wall. We also painted the bathroom and living room. All of that in TWO DAYS. With very little air conditioning. Fun stuff!

4 responses to “Classes, transitions, and a lot of paint”

  1. OH!!! THanks SO much for this Jon. I have been wondering and wondering what colors and how it was going…the video made me laugh out loud! XXOO

  2. What a FUN little video…looks like you did a nice job!

  3. Wow, creative video! That makes me want to paint, but it won’t go as fast as you made it look!

  4. Very cool video. I think you guys made a great color choice, the blue looks really good!

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