Odds and ends: Obama, Palin and Yoda

In the midst of sparse posting, here are a few things that have been sitting on my desktop I want to put out in cyberspace.

>> Some people don’t get Twitter. I don’t get it sometimes, but I do think it’s a good way to stay connected to some folks. It’s also a great way to exchange ideas. But believe it or not, I also think it’s a great way to get breaking news. It’s old news now, but when Obama’s VP pick showed up on my Twitter feed, I jumped over to his website to learn more. There, they were asking me to sign up to be the first to know.

>> Tina Fey was MEANT to play Sarah Palin. It’s probably the best impersonation I’ve ever seen.

>> And finally, a little graph inspired by Yoda. Great wisdom here, folks.

4 responses to “Odds and ends: Obama, Palin and Yoda”

  1. Who knew a little green man could have so much wisdom.

    I hope all is well. I forgot you had and ran into it the other day. We miss you bro.

  2. I swear I can speak english.

    insert “a blog” in between “had” and “and” and my last comment makes much more sense.

  3. hahaha, love the Yoda bar graph.

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