Teamwork means unity (or, boats don’t get anywhere if you’re paddling in 12 different directions)


“The successful company is not the one with the most brains, but the most brains acting in concert.” – Peter Drucker

The success of a team depends on unity and common direction. And that unity and common direction comes from intentional communication, building relationships, listening, sharing stories, and spending time together. It’s not easy work, but it’s work that can’t be ignored.

But the challenge is, this important stuff is the stuff that doesn’t feel like work. Talking about why we’re doing something doesn’t feel as important as planning the next event. Getting to know and understand a team member’s story doesn’t feel like we’re accomplishing much. It almost feels like wasted time.

But it’s not. Being a successful team means working together. And working together means getting the right people in the room, figuring out the problem or goals, and coming up with a solution that everyone has a stake in – that everyone can contribute to. Unity may come before or during the problem solving process, but for a group to become a team, that unity has to happen.

3 responses to “Teamwork means unity (or, boats don’t get anywhere if you’re paddling in 12 different directions)”

  1. Excellent post. A good team leader will inspire the team to paddle the boat in same direction. I guess people are right but key thing is how to lead so that ‘unity happens’.

  2. See, in that photo…that’s the kind of row boat I want for my pond…where did you find it and was it for sale? 🙂

  3. ihekwaba christopher

    unity means togetherness for team to be successful they need to work in one direction.

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