Leadership is influence


Was reading a post (part of a great series) by Jordan over at worshiptrench where he said this:

“If they cannot influence others, by definition they are not a leader.  The world needs facilitators, too. Just don’t put a facilitator where there needs to be a leader.”

Such a great reminder. We’re about to go through a process of choosing some leadership positions at my job (and I’m looking for some leaders to build a team at Oasis), and influence really stands out as something to look for. It’s tough to get a feel from a short interview and a little interaction, but through more relational time and a sense of past experiences it’s still something that can be seen.

I also love the difference he makes between facilitators and leaders. It’s important to get the right person for the job, and different jobs require different types of people.

I’ve always felt you should look for three things when hiring: character (who you are matters more than what you’ll be doing), chemistry (within the staff), and competence (finally, it’s important to be able to do the job well – but pieces can always be taught). But maybe for those positions that need a leader, influence should be added as a fourth. Now if I could just find a “C” word for it…

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