Why bivocational? (You’re not special)

We’re in the middle of a discussion about why bivocational ministry is a needed, and positive, idea for the church. To read the beginning, go here.

5. You’re just like anyone else

I know. We all want to be special. But here’s the deal. It’s always a challenge when a pastor gets up in front of a congregation and tells them they need to spend time with God daily and look to follow God and serve others. “Sure,” most of the people think, “It’s easy for you to say. That’s your job! I don’t get to have my ‘quiet time’ at work.”

When you’re bivocational, you have a job that plays by the same rules as everyone else. You have to be wise about your job, your family, your ministry. You also have an opportunity for friendships outside of the church. You get to share life with people who aren’t Christians. It can happen when people are vocational pastors as well, but it’s much more difficult. Plus, if you want to talk to someone on the plane or at a sporting event, the conversation won’t end as soon as they ask, “What do you do?” 🙂

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