Be unsafe

Ben Arment’s a guy I’ve been following through his blog for at least four years – through his work as a church planter, to relaunching that same church with a new name and location, to packing up and moving to Georgia to work with Catalyst.

(It’s amazing the lessons you can learn from a guy you’ve never met. Thanks for sharing your life online and answering random emails Ben!)

Well, he’s off on a new adventure – moving back to Virginia Beach to start a production company. That’s all I know. I’m sure he’ll give more info soon.

But that’s not exactly what this post is about.

In the comments, he said this about his wife’s view on it all:

ainsley told me yesterday that she has been praying since the age of 18 that she would be “unsafe” as a parent and christ-follower in the eyes of her kids

Wow. I love that.

We always want safety – for ourselves and – I’m guessing here – even moreso for our kids. Trusting God in times when it’s risky sets such a powerful example of what it means to follow Christ…

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