Around the interwebs: blobfish, good enough, and church

  • blobfish
  • Blobfish: I’ve never seen a stranger looking creature. And! It’s! Real!
  • Sometimes, good enough is good enough: “Sometimes, what we would label an 8, viewers might consider a 10.  We’ll agonize, complain and spend our way towards those extra two points, but they aren’t going to make much of a difference.  That energy and money is best used somewhere else.”
  • Star Wars – Crowdsourced: Yes – you can help create a reenactment of Start Wars!
  • Neil Cole on Multi-Site Church: “Some shoes are near impossible to fill in a ministry built on attraction. We must ask ourselves what is the fallout with the rise of the mega-church phenomena that is s o dependent upon large personalities. … I do not know of any studies that have been done, but I do know that many of my personal friends who have led large mega-churches have experienced some sort of personal and emotional melt down due to going too long carrying so many people’s expectations and functioning on adrenalin and giftedness. … For me the success of a leader is not determined by the number of followers attained, but by the number of fruitful leaders that are blossoming around the leader.”
  • Aaand Vince Antonucci on how we should evaluate a day

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