What’s next vs. what’s now


At this time of the year we are already talking about next year’s RAs and potential changes in the RD staff. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about what’s next.

I’m guilty of it. I like thinking about the future and doing a little stratgizing. It’s what I do.

But when we do that, we easily forget the entire semester that remains. 110% of the time that has just passed still remains. There’s a lot that can happen. There’s so much space for life-changing events and conversations.

It’s exciting and important to think about what’s next. But it’s also important to think about what’s now – to seize and live out the opportunities that are right here in front of us.

Don’t miss the now moment because you’re fixated on what could be next.

One response to “What’s next vs. what’s now”

  1. I needed to be reminded of this.

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