Good enough stuff

4 thoughts on “Good enough stuff”

  1. Jon, this is great. K and I have had similar thoughts and have found that buying used can definitely help in this area. Our culture is obsessed with ‘stuff,’ but also with ‘new.’ By getting over the need for everything to be “new,” it can be a lot easier and more affordable to get “good enough.”

    Oh, and I clicked on each of the couch links and think they all look awesome, but your couches are better.

  2. I totally agree with the used comment. It’s been amazing what we’ve found on Craigslist – especially being in a large city. I’ve had to constantly remember that if there’s anything I want from a place like Ikea, there’s almost ALWAYS a few options on craigslist for half the price.

    Of course, you two are pros at that compared to our amateur status :).

  3. I like your couches. and I feel very invited. They are better than “good enough”… compared to my couches. but mine are good enough 🙂

  4. Now it looks like I was fishing for couch compliments. I promise I wasn’t! I’m glad our couches are appreciated :). I’m thrilled with them and give them all the honor and respect they deserve!

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