First things first. One thing at a time. Start now.

With the holidays just around the corner, my to do list (and, probably yours!) just keeps growing. It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. But that mental energy spent worrying about what needs to get done doesn’t really get anything done.

So instead, I’m trying to live out the advice above.

First things first – What’s most important right now?

One thing at a timeWe can’t multitask. It doesn’t work. Do one thing.

Start now – No more excuses! Take action!

And once the one thing is done, we start on the next one. It’s amazing how great that momentum feels.

When we focus on one thing at a time and simply move forward, it not only helps us get things done, but it allows us to be present where we are – whether it’s working on a project or having a conversation over coffee. We can focus on this thing, then this thing, and then this thing. And once those things are completed, they’re gone. No more mental energy spent juggling the things we should be doing while we’re doing something else. Every task, and person, gets our full attention.

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