Life lessons from a three-month-old: time to refocus

When our kid was just a few months old, everything was new and overwhelming. He couldn’t handle much stimulation or input for very long. He’d begin to get disorganized – flailing about and fussing. He couldn’t focus and his emotional state quickly went downhill.

It doesn’t change much when we get older.

Sure, we hide it better, but most of us need some time during the day to refocus and recenter on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Maybe we’re flailing about in our to-do list – bouncing from project to project (or blog to blog) not really getting anything done. Or maybe we’re getting fussy in our relationships – hitting that afternoon slump and not really treating people like we truly value them.

Where do you need to get organized so it’s possible to focus on what’s most important?

One response to “Life lessons from a three-month-old: time to refocus”

  1. This is SOOOO good.

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