The Wednesday List

  • We’re moving about 200 yards down the street today, so wish us luck! That’s a lot of packing for a short distance!
  • Think you have to create what you’re doing from scratch? Watch the first two episodes of this online series and remember that Everything is a Remix.
  • Saying someone has too much time on their hands is often just a way to get out of feeling bad for how they spent their time when compared to what we’ve done with the same number of hours.
  • If you use Pandora, you should also check out Grooveshark. You can search and play almost any song you want. Pandora’s great when you want music in the background, but Grooveshark is where to go if you want to listen to that specific song.
  • 10 myths about introverts (and what to do about it)
  • Here’s how to get that exit row seat on your next flight. (Sometimes it’s easier than others)

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