The job hunt – Are you moving to or from?

It’s that season in the Higher Ed world. People across the country are scouring the job listings for open positions.

If you’re looking for a “next step” in your career, there’s an important question to consider.

Are you running to something or running from something?

One is healthy and natural. The other should at least cause you to pause and consider your motivations.

Here’s why. The best life changes come when we are drawn to a place, not from a place. Pursuing your passion and finding a place that fits your strengths is a perfect reason to look. Often, the timing and opportunity is right. The new position matches your strengths and passions, and it’s a logical, exciting next step.

But sometimes you can run from a situation that could be a great fit with just a little effort or communication. Is the move spurred by a strong connection with the new role or a feeling of discontent with where you’re currently working? It’s easy to see how the grass is greener “over there,” but what connections and momentum will you be giving up if you make the jump?

So before you move and simply find yourself discontent in a new place, consider all the options. There may be changes in your current context that will allow you to step into your strengths while building on the momentum and relationships you’ve already established.

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