Four types of people

Dave Ferguson talks on his blog about The Four People Most Likely To Come To Church With You. Here are his categories.

1. Friends & Family – These are people that will say ‘yes’ just because they like you and know it is important to you. I would not let that stop you from inviting them; if they will come who knows what God might do. Invite them to church and then out for dinner or more fun afterwards. You should definitely invite them.

2. Seekers & Searchers – These are the people that are spiritually searching and are very open to talking about God, religion and faith. These people don’t claim to have the answers but really want to figure it out. The Easter season is a great time to invite these people. One event that sets followers of Jesus apart from all other faith options is the resurrection of Jesus. Invite them.

3. Hurting & Needy – These are the people who have recently gone through a loss. They may have recently gone through a divorce, had a big job change, experienced the death of someone near them or some other tragedy that left them hurting and needing help. They are looking at the whole world differently than ever before and are open to ideas that before were unacceptable. You know someone like this right now…invite them.

4. Divine Appointments – These are the people that God has almost supernaturally put into your life. The only reason that your path crossed with this persons path is because God set up a divine appointment and he wants you to share Jesus with this person. If God has put one of these people in your life, invite them this Easter!

I’ll add a thought to this. These are the same groups we need to keep an eye out for every day. How is God calling us to invest in them, serve them, hang out with them and show His love to them? An awareness and time praying for them will also give us the chance to share with them about our relationship with God.

Inviting others to church can be a great tool to share Christ’s message of love, hope and purpose with the world. It can even start more conversations. (Check out Mark’s post on that here.) The exciting thing is, we can also serve, love and have fun with these people every day of the week. And for a lot of people, that’s just what they need.

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