Cool church?

This is so encouraging to read – especially from a church with the size and influence of Life Church: The American Church is not lacking for “cool” pastors. Like a single guy who is trying just-a-bit-too-hard to impress a girl, some churches are simply trying too hard to be cool. I’m very encouraged to see … Continue reading Cool church?

Who has the power?

It’s easy for Christians to struggle with this idea of “sacred” vs. “secular.” You’ve seen it. It’s the whole idea that “Christian” music is good, while “non-Christian” music is bad. Or that a “pastor” is more holy than a postal worker. Neil Cole has been doing a series of posts about this false division. I … Continue reading Who has the power?

Jesus, sinners, and you

I’m always amazed at how Jesus not only hung around rough crowds filled with corrupt businessmen, prostitutes, and sinners but how those crowds actually wanted to be around Jesus. How does that happen? His message essentially tells them they need to change, but they invite him to parties. When I’m in a new group and … Continue reading Jesus, sinners, and you