Who has the power?

It’s easy for Christians to struggle with this idea of “sacred” vs. “secular.” You’ve seen it. It’s the whole idea that “Christian” music is good, while “non-Christian” music is bad. Or that a “pastor” is more holy than a postal worker. Neil Cole has been doing a series of posts about this false division. I love what he says here:

The way we try and remove ourselves from the “secular” world for fear of losing our spiritual power demonstrates that we actually believe more in the power of the darkness than we do in the light of Jesus Christ. Ouch!

I would rather have small faith in a substantive thing than have great faith in a flimsy thing. Jesus said it only takes the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains when that small faith is in the right person.

Read his whole post here.

[thanks to Aaron for the link]

One response to “Who has the power?”

  1. Jon,
    I totally agree. But it is a hard thing to live in the reality of the unified. I have this great article by David Crowder, wherein he speaks of not trying to separate the sacred from the spiritual, taking his understanding of this odd phenomenon back to our ol’ friend Plato… If you would like to read it I have it in my room.

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