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I mentioned Elevation in an earlier post. In my “research” (aka googling “Elevation Church”), I also found a site that tells how you can connect with the church. They’re doing something cool for outreach

“Instead of replicating ministries already doing a great job reaching out to meet specific needs in our community, we’ve identified the need and defined local programs we see as best matching up with the heart of Elevation’s Core Values.”

Partnerships to two things – they help churches multiply impact by not recreating the wheel and they allow Christians to form relationships with and work alongside people who aren’t Christ-followers.

In churches that stay busy, it’s easy to be doing so many things “on the campus” that all of your real friends are members of your church. By partnering with organizations – and actively pushing your church folk to get involved serving somewhere – you actively serve the community and develop relationships with others.

It’s one way to look outside as a church.

2 responses to “Partner for impact”

  1. This is a great concept. Back when I was a campus minister we used this approach with our students. Every campus has tons of service groups. Instead of doing “Christian service ministries” we simply encouraged the students to be involved in their campus and get involved with organizations that were up their ally. What was really cool was when these students, out of a love for Jesus and for people, began to actually lead these groups.

    So refreshing to see people not creating a subculture, but rather redeeming culture.

  2. I like this thought process a lot…thanks for sharing on it.

    i think as many churches move to small group models one of the most challenging things is finding opportunities to serve in that don’t require 10,000 meetings and a couple ubber-skilled planners.

    i think this is a great solution to deal with this issue and open up opportunities to serve and minister to the servees and co-servers who might not know Christ.

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